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Oltre la crosta

In the Eye of the Beholder

Zurich University of the Arts
8 minutes
Italian with english subtitles

Maurizio is a young university student living in Zürich, with a passion for diseases. Unlike many others, he can see an inherent beauty in them. Afterall, what difference can exist between a flower and an infection, if they are both a gift of nature?

Cast and Crew

With Sergio Bazzurri

Directed by
Director of Photography
Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola and  Jan-David Bolt
Jan-David Bolt
Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola
Moritz Widrig

Festivals (selection)

Huesca International Film Festival(Spain) - International Documentary Competition
Izmir International Short Film Festival1 (Turkey) - Panorama
Drama International Short Film Festival2 (Greece) - International Student Competition
Mecal Pro (Spain) - International Documentary  Competition
Zlìn Film Festival (Czech Republic) - Zlin Dogs Student Competition
Mòrbido Film Fest (Mexico) - International Short Film Competition
Minikino Film Week (Indonesia) - International competition

Academy Award Qualifying Festival
2 European Film Award Qualifying Festival

30+ Festival selections
Complete list here


Free Aquila Festival (Italy) - Jury Award
Zuger Filmtage (Switzerland) - Best Editing
Erotic&Bizarre Film Festival (Spain) - Best Mockumentary
Flame Firstcut (India) - Best Screenplay

Other screenings

Nuovo Cinema Aquila (Rome, Italy) - Screened before “The Man who Sold his Skin” - 07-25.10.2021
Lux Arthouse (Massagno, Switzerland) - Kurzfilmnacht (Shorts from Ticino section) -  22.10.2021


Butaca Ancha - Morbido Film Fest Review (Spanish)

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